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  • GitHub

  • The automultinomial package, for regression models (similar to logistic regression) of spatially correlated discrete data. Vignette with detailed description and guide to use. Available for download on cran and GitHub

  • The bcd package. This is a C++ implementation (with R wrappers via Rcpp) of block coordinate descent for fitting group lasso penalized linear (logistic, multinomial, Poisson, multiresponse linear) regression models. It supports the overlapping group lasso without explicit duplication of the columns of the design matrix, and sparse design matrices. Available for download on GitHub.


+Graduate student lecturer, Statistics 571 - Statistics for Bioscience I (Fall 2018, Fall 2019)

+TA, Statistics 301 - Introduction to Statistical Methods (Spring 2015)

+TA, Statistics 224 - Introductory Statistics for Engineers (Fall 2014)


  • Workshop on Rcpp/RcppEigen for student seminar, UW-Madison, 12/7/2018 (slides) (